Carbon Poker U.S. real-money app NOW AVAILABLE - Download & Install Instructions

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  1. Sebastian

    Sebastian Administrator Staff Member


    Carbon Poker are currently experiencing banking problems that are resulting in long waiting times for players to withdraw the money in their accounts. Until they've found a solution, we would recommend you avoid Carbon Poker.

    A safer U.S. online and mobile poker site is Ignition that was formerly known as Bovada Poker. Their iOS and Android poker app lets United States citizens join Texas Hold'em and Omaha cash tables on their phone.

    Visit our United State iPhone Poker section for a full list poker poker apps that accept real money players from the USA.


    Carbon Poker have finally given ALL their players open access to their hotly anticipated real-money Texas Hold'em app. United States poker players can now play cash games on their phones or tablets. The mobile client is still in the final stages of development and testing so there are still some kinks and bugs to be ironed out but here is now you can try the app RIGHT NOW!!

    1. You'll need an account so visit Carbon Pokerand register.

    2. From your iPhone's Safari browser, visit and login.

    3. Play Texas Hold'em cash games in the U.S. or anywhere.

    Since the app is still being tested, Carbon Poker ask all users to submit feedback, both positive and negative.

    You can find a full review of the Carbon Poker app here
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  2. Sebastian

    Sebastian Administrator Staff Member

    Here are some screenshots of the new Carbon Poker app for iPhone, iPad and Android. They should the lobby, the poker tables, the tables options and the chat function.

    carbonpoker-4.jpg carbonpoker-3.jpg carbonpoker-2.jpg carbonpoker-1.jpg
  3. Dice Man

    Dice Man Member

    How do United States players deposit and withdraw money? Is it really complicated or can I quickly fund my account?
  4. Sebastian

    Sebastian Administrator Staff Member

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  5. cevans

    cevans Member

    Does the Carbon Poker app work on other Windows Phone devices like the Nokia Lumia ICON, Samsung ATVI S Neo or the Microsoft Surface Tablet? There is very little information on their website.
  6. Sebastian

    Sebastian Administrator Staff Member

    At the moment the Carbon Poker app is compatible with Safari (Apple iOS browser) and Chrome (Google Android browser) so if you experience any problem playing Carbon on your Windows Phone device you should download either Safari or Chrome.
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  7. mr bobby

    mr bobby New Member

    On their website it just says "Play poker on the go" and the smartphone in the images looks very generic. Since they don't specify that their mobile poker games are only iOS or Android compatible I'm pretty sure their web apps will work on any device.

    I haven't tried their Texas Hold'em app yet on my Windows Phone but I have played their US friendly real-money blackjack and roulette games on my Nokia Lumia 900 without a problem.
  8. Sebastian

    Sebastian Administrator Staff Member

  9. Jack65

    Jack65 New Member

    splendid news. does the app also supports multi-table tournaments?
  10. Sebastian

    Sebastian Administrator Staff Member

    CarbonPoker Mobile doesn't supports multi-table schedule tournaments at present although we've been assured that they're currently in development and will be available shortly. Carbon are on the very busy and increasingly popular Merge Gaming Network so their Sit and Go tables fill up super fast.
  11. Lizzy

    Lizzy New Member

    I can't download/install the full desktop client to my computer at work so can I just play from the PC's browser instead?
  12. Sebastian

    Sebastian Administrator Staff Member

    Yes, the Carbon Poker web-client can be played from the browser of any PC or Mac desktop. The "Instant Play" browser app might also be useful if you want to play at an internet cafe or in a library or airport. Just be careful that you don't save your password if you are using the web client on a public computer.
  13. Lizzy

    Lizzy New Member

    Can I play any fast fold games using the Carbon Poker app? I know when I first tried the app a few months ago they only offered regular Texas Hold'em and Omaha ring games.
  14. Sebastian

    Sebastian Administrator Staff Member

    At present they only offer Sit and Go tournaments at turbo speeds. Ring games are currently only available at regular speeds although we expect they'll add a fast paced poker option shortly.
  15. cevans

    cevans Member

    It would be nice if they added multi-table play or at least fast fold games.
  16. Sebastian

    Sebastian Administrator Staff Member

    If you're looking for fast fold action you could try the Bovada (Bodog in Canada) poker app. They service real-money players in the US. Here's our full review with download and install instructions
  17. it's sad to see the merge gaming network have so many financial troubles. they used to be one of the best networks for united states players. hopefully all the players at carbon poker will get their money.
  18. Sebastian

    Sebastian Administrator Staff Member

    Yes it is sad, particularly when Carbon Poker had the best software for US players. The Bovada poker client for Mac and PC is a little buggy in my opinion.
  19. timmy

    timmy New Member

    Bovada's poker software might not be as good as Carbon's but at least you get paid with Bovada. I've been waiting over 11 weeks now to receive a check from Carbon Poker. They say the problem is with their payment processor and that it's out of their hands but I've heard all these excuses before with Lock Poker.
  20. Sally Ann

    Sally Ann New Member

    i've heard that carbon are processing payments quicker now providing you are willing to accept bitcoin.

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