PKR now offer 3D real money poker app on Android phones and tablets.

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    Earlier this year PKR released an iPhone and iPad compatible version of their popular 3 dimensional real money poker client. The app has garnered excellent reviews but unfortunately it has only been available to players located in the United Kingdom. That looks set to change with the arrival of an Android version that will be available everywhere (except the United States). The new Android poker client is free to download from pkr.

    Here are a few of the features on offer...
    • 3D Ring Games with stakes ranging from $0.01/$0.02 to $25/$50
    • Sit and Go Tournaments from $0.10 to $1,000
    • Compatibility with most popular Android tablets and phones, including the Samsung Galaxy, Motorola Droid, Galaxy Note, HTC EVO, Amazon Kindle Fire, Droid RAZR, Sony Xperia and the Google Nexus.

    1. Visit PKR and sign-up for a new account. It's worth taking advantage of their £10 Instant bonus.
    2. Once you login visit the mobile section to access to the PKR apk file. It is not available on Android Market so needs to downloaded and installed directly from the PKR site.
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    The biggest complaint we've been hearing about the PKR app is that the install file is too large at almost half a gig. This takes too long to download and takes up too much storage space on smartphones, particularly older ones with smaller hard drives. Well PKR appear to have been listening and have released a slimmed down poker app for Android that offers all the same features but in a 2D environment. And the install file is only a tenth of the size so it takes 30 seconds to download and install. An iOS version of the PKR 2D app is in development but we haven't got a release date yet.
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    The sooner they release a 2 dimension version for iOS the better. I don't think any serious poker player really cares that much about the life like graphics. They're more interested in the features and great gameplay. And lots of soft competition and poker fish of course :)
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  5. Barkley

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    definitely one of the best online poker rooms to find weak players. i recently tried their app and i'm glad to report it's soft competition central also.
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    I must admit the the graphics are spectacular. Check out this YouTube demo if you don't believe me.

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    i'm a little surprised that pkr have not developed an instant play version of the 2d app that could be played from the browser of any phone because the pkr iOS app is only available in a couple of countries. i would love to play pkr poker on my ipad but the app is not available here in canada. browser based apps can be played anywhere in the world and on any mobile device, including nokia lumia phones running windows phone.
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    PKR have now added Jackpot Sit & Go tournaments to their mobile app. These tournaments offer massive $10,000 jackpot prizes.

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