Real-money Windows Phone poker apps?

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    Sorry if this is a little off topic but I've been told that I'm getting a Windows tablet at work next week and I was wondering if there are any Windows Phone compatible poker sites where I can play for real-money? I had a look on this Windows Phone app store and found a few video poker and play for fun games but I couldn't find any ones that offered cash games.

    I know this is an iOS forum but I'm hoping someone would do me a favor and answer a couple of these questions for me.

    • Will I be able to play at any of the big poker rooms like PokerStars and 888 on my Windows device?
    • Are there any Windows Phone poker sites that welcome United States of America players?
    • Does it matter if I get a Windows 8.1 or Windows RT tablet?

    Apologies again for posting a non iPhone or iPad query. I have an iPhone 5S myself but work are insisting on giving me a Windows mobile device because we use the Microsoft Cloud so I'm hoping someone can give me a little advice about which tablet is best for playing real money poker in the USA.
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  2. Sebastian

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    Bovada Poker was bought by Ignition Casino. Their U.S. friendly mobile poker client is compatible with any Windows Phone or Microsoft Lumia device. Speed poker and regular Hold'em and Omaha cash games are available.


    You're in luck because I have a Microsoft Surface Pro tablet running Windows 8 that I use occasionally to play poker. None of the major poker rooms like Full Tilt, PokerStars, PartyPoker or 888 have developed native apps that you can download and install on your Windows tablet. For this reason, you will be restricted to playing web based poker apps on your Windows Phone or tablet as you don't need to install any software, just browse to their website from your Internet Explorer browser and start playing. You can find plenty of information on each of the Windows Phone Poker sites here so I'll just list a few of the main benefits of the top 2 poker rooms here....

    • Does NOT accept players from the United States.
    • Works on virtually any type of phone or tablet, even older Nokia WAP handsets.
    • Play Texas Hold'em ring games on your Windows Phone device. No tournaments at present.
    • Everyone who registers with mFortune gets a £5 no-deposit bonus to use at the real-money tables.
    • Play against your friends at invite-only tables.

    A couple of other options are reviewed on Windows Phone Poker that are worth a look but I think these are your best 2 options. I would recommend Carbon Poker regardless of whether you live in the US or not. Carbon is part of the Merge Gaming Network so you will find plenty of actions day or night. U.S. facing poker networks also tend to have a higher percentage of soft competition so if you're looking to make some money then you'll find plenty of fish at Carbon.

    I'm not an expert on Windows operating systems so I couldn't really give you a definitive answer on whether you should get a Windows 8 Pro tablet or a Windows RT. If you do a quick Google search there appears to be plenty of articles on the subject, such as this Wikipedia entry
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  3. Cahill

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    Thanks for such a lenghty replay, I've tried those apps and the Carbon one works pretty good for me. I did get a couple of warning about it being optimized for iPhone and Android but it still worked fine on my WP tablet.

    I did find this Windows Phone developer doc which explains why there are no real-money gambling apps in the Windows Marketplace at the moment It says that "Apps that enable legal gambling in the applicable jurisdiction where legal gambling is allowed may be permitted". Does this means that if you live in countries like the United Kingdom, Ireland or Australia, you will be able to download a PokerStars or Full Tilt Poker app for Windows Phone?
  4. Sebastian

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    No, when it comes to Windows Phone there are no PokerStars, 888, PartyPoker or Full Tilt apps. They have only developed native apps for iOS and Android devices. Maybe sometime in the future when Nokia Lumia devices gain a larger market share they will develop a specific app for Windows Phone. For now you need to choose from one of the web apps listed above.
  5. Jack65

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    I'm surprised Bovada haven't already released a real money poker app given that they're the largest legal U.S. online poker room. Surely it can't be that hard to develop an instant play poker client that can be played from a phones browser.
  6. Sebastian

    Sebastian Administrator Staff Member

    Actually Bovada and Bodog both now offer mobile poker games on iOS, Android and Windows Phone tablets and smartphones. You can play Texas Hold'em or Omaha ring games or fast-fold poker. Poker tournaments are not available yet but we've been told they are underdevelopment. U.S. citizens looking to play cash games are welcome at Bovada. A full list of features along with set-up instructions can be found in our Bovada Mobile review
  7. timmy

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    i would recommend the carbon poker mobile site over the mfortune poker app. mfortune is primarily a mobile casino that happen to also offer some texas hold'em games. when it was first released i used to play at their tables a lot on my iphone 3gs but they haven't updated their software in years so it's fallen well behind the competition. they only offer texas hold'em ring games so you're out of luck if tournaments or fast fold games are your thing. the carbon poker app for iphone can also be played in the united states, which means that they're always plenty of fish at the lower stakes tables.
  8. Sebastian

    Sebastian Administrator Staff Member

    I would agree with Timmy that Carbon Poker has a slight advantage when it comes to playing real money poker on your Windows Phone Lumia in the USA. You can find a full feature list, with screenshots and install instructions in our Carbon iPhone Poker review.
  9. Sebastian

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    888 are the latest online poker room to develop an "Instant Play" poker app that doesn't require an install. This web-based poker app can be played from the browser of your PC, Mac, tablet or smartphone so it should also work on a Microsoft Lumia device. You can find full install instructions on the following page
  10. Roger

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    will all these apps be compatible with windows phone 10?
  11. Sebastian

    Sebastian Administrator Staff Member

    Yes, Windows Phone 10 will be backward compatible meaning that any poker apps that worked on Windows Phone 8.1 will automatically also work on Windows 10. However, newer poker apps that have been developed for the latest version of the Windows Phone mobile OS may not necessarily work on older versions.
  12. Fan Boy

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    Are there any bitcoin poker apps for Windows Phone? In particular Microsoft Lumia devcies.
  13. Sebastian

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    Yes there are now bitcoin poker options for anyone using a Nokia or Microsoft Lumia devices. We'd recommend you try this mBitcoin mobile poker room that will work on any phone or tablet with a touchscreen. The good news is this bitcoin poker website is part of the InstaDeal poker network, which guarantees a steady stream of players throughout the day to both the cash tables and tournaments.
  14. Jack65

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    do you download and install bitcoin poker apps or play from the browser of your microsoft lumia?
  15. Sebastian

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    All of the bitcoin poker apps are web-based and have been developed using HTML5 so you will need to play them from the Edge or Internet Explorer browser of your smartphone.
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