Siri now understands sports betting following iOS6 upgrade

Discussion in 'Mobile Sports Betting' started by Lizzy, Oct 4, 2012.

  1. Lizzy

    Lizzy New Member

    Everyone I know that has upgraded to the iOS6 has been working themselves into a frenzy over the loss of Google Maps. I'm no fan of Apple Maps but one cool feature I've noticed since upgrading to iOS6 is that Siri now understands basic betting questions. For instance, when I asked Siri who will win between the Wildcats and Sooners this weekend, she replied "Apparently, the odds are in favor of the Sooners by 14 points. When I asked about the Tigers Vs the Seminoles she answered that the Seminoles are favorites by 14 points for this game.

    Pretty damn cool, right?
  2. rocky dennis

    rocky dennis New Member

    That is awesome. Next time when I'm driving home from work and I want to know the betting on a particular NFL or NBA game, I can keep my hands on the wheel.
  3. OKC Thunders

    OKC Thunders New Member

    Siri also knows scores now. This weekend I asked it who was winning the Chicago Bear / Jacksonville Jaguars game and it responded that Chicago was winning 41-3
  4. Sebastian

    Sebastian Administrator Staff Member

    Hey Guys, thanks so much for the head-up on this cool new iphone feature. We've put together a little article with a few more examples of Siri answering sports questions HERE. We'd love to hear any other examples that you guys might have :)
  5. rocky dennis

    rocky dennis New Member

    Which sports does Siri answer betting questions for?
  6. seamus

    seamus Member

    i know it answers american football, baseball and basketball questions. not sure if it covers non u.s. sports yet though.
  7. Becky

    Becky New Member

    Siri also answers ice hockey and soccer betting questions.
  8. mr bobby

    mr bobby New Member

    Does anyone know where Siri gets her gambling odds and betting lines from? I presume the guys in Cupertino haven't opened a sportsbook.
  9. The Kid

    The Kid Member

    I tried to get some sports betting information using Google Voice Search. What a waste of time. If you want your phones personal assistant to answer sports questions then avoid Android.
  10. mr bobby

    mr bobby New Member

    Can I use Siri on the iPad or iPad Mini? I don't see any Siri icon on either of my tablets?
  11. Sebastian

    Sebastian Administrator Staff Member

    Hey Mr Bobby, yes you can now use Siri on both the iPad and iPad Mini providing you are running iOS6 or later. To start Siri all you need to do is hold down the home key for a couple of seconds and Apple's personal assistant should start. If it doesn't activate you may need to check the settings of your iPad to make sure it is enabled.
  12. Does anyone know if it answers questions on cricket? Might be useful for The Ashes next month :)
  13. Sebastian

    Sebastian Administrator Staff Member

    No, I don't think Siri is knowledgable about cricket yet. As far as I know it only offers advice on major sports(no offence) like baseball, basketball, football, soccer and ice hockey
  14. Sebastian

    Sebastian Administrator Staff Member

    For anyone looking for more information on Siri's sports betting capabilities, this video is worth a watch....

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  15. Tassie

    Tassie New Member

    Will Siri on the Apple Watch be able to answer sports questions too and display betting information?
  16. Sebastian

    Sebastian Administrator Staff Member

    Yes, I'm pretty sure that whatever Siri can do on the iPhone, she can also do in a more compacted form on the Apple Watch.

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