Sky Bet Mobile becomes first betting app to use Apple TouchID

Discussion in 'Mobile Sports Betting' started by Sebastian, Nov 12, 2014.

  1. Sebastian

    Sebastian Administrator Staff Member

    It has just become a lot easier to use the latest Sky Bet iOS app. Following the latest update of their mobile client, punters can now login to the app and place a bet using the fingerprint recognition technology available on all new iPhone and iPad devices. It will come as a relief to many not to have to remember a password for the mobile bookmaker. It should also considerably speed up how fast you can place a bet.

    Initially iTouch fingerprint scanning only allowed iPhone and iPad users to login to their mobile devices. Following the release of iOS 8 the technology is finally available to third parties. While a number of banks have already incorporated iTouch into their apps for added security, SkyBet have become the first gambling company to integrate it into their mobile software.
  2. Lizzy

    Lizzy New Member

    i downloaded the skybet app over the weekend just to try it using my iphone 6 and it worked really smoothly. a touch to login another to place a bet. super fast and easy.

    you will still need to remember your password though if you want to login via the website every now and then.
  3. Sebastian

    Sebastian Administrator Staff Member

    Good point!

    Apple also require you to type in your password the first time you restart your iPhone or iPad so you may be required to do the same with the SkyBet iPhone app. Even though you'll still have to remember your password, it does make logging in really quick and easy.
  4. The Kid

    The Kid Member

    nice feature but unfortunately skybet do not accept sports bettors from outside the england, ireland, scotland and wales. have bet365, ladbrokes or william hill added touchid to their iphone apps yet?
  5. Sebastian

    Sebastian Administrator Staff Member

    No, SkyBet are currently the only iOS bookmaker to support TouchID. Surely they will be launching an Apple Watch betting app shortly too.
  6. Tassie

    Tassie New Member

    their daily "price boost" offers are pretty good and they're available from their app too.
  7. HK Betting

    HK Betting Member

    Since they are part of the Sky brand can Sky Bet customers watch any Sky Sports football matches or golf tournaments for example? I'd be happy even if I would watch any of the Barclays Premier League goals on my iPad.
  8. Sebastian

    Sebastian Administrator Staff Member

    No, unfortunately you cannot currently watch any games from the English or Scottish premier leagues from the SkyBet app. Sky have a separate app called Sky Sports Mobile that allows you to watch all the Sky Sports channels on your phone or tablet for £5 a month. Because of this Sky are unlikely to stream games for free via the their gambling app.

    The good news is you can watch live soccer for free from all the top leagues in Spain, France and Italia if you have a Sky Bet account.

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