What are the best baseball apps for iPhone & Android?

Discussion in 'Mobile Sports Betting' started by Sebastian, Apr 9, 2015.

  1. Sebastian

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    The Major League Baseball season has kicked off and we're already super excited about what this year has to offer. Personally I am looking forward to seeing the return of Yankees star Alex Rodriguez and hope that my team, the Boston Red Sox, can do better than a last place finish in their devision this year.

    While most baseball fans have probably already downloaded the awesome official MLB At Bat app, we were curious to find out what other apps you guys would recommend for both iOS and Android phones and tablets. Here are a few of out picks...


    The SF Unofficial Major League Baseball app is an excellent piece of free mobile soft are for anyone looking for the latest news, videos and scores from the 2015 MLB season. What this app does is gathers (and curates) the latest news stories from the top MLB blogs, news sites and YouTube channels so you have access to all the best content in one app. The app is customisable so you get information on specific team or on certain topic, such as injuries. If you're a fan of the New York Mets or the San Franscio giants, you can configure the app so that you only receive notifications on your team of interest.


    Over the years we've tested all of the United States facing online and mobile sportsbooks but the one we keep coming back to is Bovada. Bovada is part of the larger Bodog organisation, which many US sports bettors are probably already familiar with. The company is licensed and regulated in Canada so you know you are dealing with a reputable company. Their mobile sportsbook app can be installed on any iPhone, BlackBerry, Microsoft Lumia, Samsung Galaxy or any phone in a few second and offers MLB betting lines on a wide variety of markets. If you live in the US and you want to wager on your favourite MLB team, this is the app for you.


    Baseball fanatics now have access to a growing number of fantasy league apps for their smartphones. While Yahoo, Fox and CBS have all released quality fantasy league mobile applications, our favourite is the ESPN one. As you'd expect, the free app lets you draft and manage your teams throughout the MLB season. The app lets you control a variety of teams and make last minute changes to their lineup while on the move. We especially like the fantasy videos, tweets and updates provided by ESPN's fantasy analysts that really make the experience come alive.

    So these are out top 3 baseball apps for the new season. If you have any recommendations, please leave a comment below.
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  2. The Kid

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    I agree that the Official MLB app is a must for any baseball especially if you already have a cable subscription for MLB.TV Premium because you can watch every game on your phone. There's also an archive of classic games that you can watch anytime you like.

    If you're planning to attend a game then the free MLB Ballpark games is another must have app for iOS/Android. You can purchase your tickets online and then store them electronically in the app. If you own an iPhone 6 then you can also use Apple Pay as a payment option. The MLB.com Ballpark contains interactive maps for all the stadiums to help you find your way around.

    Can anyone recommend an app for betting tips that's actually worth paying for? Has anyone made a profit from this tipping apps?
  3. The Kid

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    I'd like to improve my chances of winning a few bets this season so I'm looking for American baseball tipping app that has a proven track record. Obviously nobody can win every bet but has anyone out there had any success with any of these gambling advice apps? The most popular apps in the App Store seem to be BetAdvisor, Bet2Win and Money Tips Baseball. They most expensive is about $50 so I'm reluctant to download it in case it's just a scam.
  4. The Kid

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    i strongly suspect those baseball tipping apps are not worth the money. the olbg app is free and offers betting tips on baseball, football etc.
  5. sims76

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    who has the best fantasy betting app when it comes to baseball? fanduel or draftkings?
  6. Sebastian

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    I think that comes down to personal preference in the end. I like the design of the FanDuel iPhone app while many of my friends prefer DraftKings for iOS.
  7. Sally Ann

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    are there any iOS apps that allow you to watch MLB games for free? even just the games that aren't being broadcast on the sports networks. i can use a vpn if necessary.
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  9. Sebastian

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  10. Do Yahoo Sports have a schedule of which MLB games they will be streaming each week?

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