Will wearable tech like the iWatch revolutionise mobile gambling?

Discussion in 'General Mobile Betting Discussion' started by pesky, May 3, 2014.

  1. pesky

    pesky New Member

    After years of speculation it seems that the long awaited Apple iWatch has finally gone into production in China. It looks like the devices won't be launched until September but I wondering how it might be used for mobile gambling? Will the screen be too small to accommodate sports betting or games like Texas Hold'em, blackjack and roulette?

    Over the past 5 years online gambling companies have benefited massively from the popularity of smartphone and tablets. I'm sure now they will be eager to get their software onto the iWatch and any other form of wearable technology.
  2. Sebastian

    Sebastian Administrator Staff Member

    I doubt the display screen on the iWatch will be large enough to play Omaha or Texas Hold'em ring games but it would be perfect for slots. 3 reel or 5 reel slot apps would fit perfectly on a watch and allow people to play by just lifting their hands.

    I could also see sports betting working on an iWatch if you use GPS tracking to pinpoint where you are. For instance, if you are at a racecourse or football stadium like Old Trafford, your watch should be able to automatically give you odds for the next race or tell you what the live betting odds are for that Manchester United games is. Once the betting odds appear on your watch, all you'll need to do is accept the bet and enter the amount.
  3. Terry W

    Terry W Member

    The government really need to outlaw driving while wearing Google Glass before these gambling apps arrive. It is dangerous enough right with people texting while they drive. If the day comes when you can play roulette while you drive, there will be carnage on the roads.
  4. Sebastian

    Sebastian Administrator Staff Member

    I wonder why Apple opted to call it the Apple Watch rather than the iWatch?
  5. Bubba

    Bubba New Member

    because an irish company trademarked the name 10 years ago and are now planning to release an android iwatch, which i'm sure apple must be delighted about http://www.macrumors.com/2014/10/29/probendi-android-iwatch/
  6. seamus

    seamus Member

    Personally I can't wait for the day when the first slots apps appear for Apple Watch. We just have to wait and see whether app will permit gambling on their smartwatch.
  7. Sebastian

    Sebastian Administrator Staff Member

    I would imagine that the first version of the Apple Watch will only support native apps so wearable gambling will be limited to countries like the UK, Australia and Ireland. HTML5 games and apps are proving to be increasingly popular so I'm sure Apple will add a web-app feature that will bring iWatch gambling to the rest of the world also.
  8. Fan Boy

    Fan Boy Member

    I can see the Apple Watch linking up with the bookmakers apps on your iPhone so that you'll be able to receive live betting odds on your Apple Watch. If you want to take advantage of those odds all you'll need to do is enter the amount and select "Place Bet" on your Apple Watch.
  9. Sebastian

    Sebastian Administrator Staff Member

    Two pretty impressive Apple Watch betting apps have already been released by major bookmakers.

    Coral Apple Watch App - While Coral might not be the best know online bookmaker, they are quiet a big brand in Britain and they surprised many when they released the most advanced sports betting app for the Apple Watch. You'll find a full list of all the features in this thread http://forums.iphonebettingapps.com...l-unveil-impressive-Apple-Watch-bookmaker-app

    William Hill Apple Watch App - It's hardly surprising that one of the UK's largest bookmakers would have an Apple Watch gambling app by the launch of the device. We discuss the pros and cons of the William Hill Apple Watch app in this thread http://forums.iphonebettingapps.com...ce-to-release-first-Apple-Watch-bookmaker-app
  10. seamus

    seamus Member

    Native gambling apps will be possible in watchOS2 which means people with android or Windows Phone devices will also be able to run the Apple Watch.
  11. Sebastian

    Sebastian Administrator Staff Member

    DraftKings have released an Apple Watch app so you can now legally sports gamble via the Apple Watch in the United States.
  12. Sebastian

    Sebastian Administrator Staff Member

    If you own an Apple smartwatch you can now also download a Fan Duel app for it from the iTunes App Store. For legal reason they may have to removed it in the future so you should download it now if you are a fan of fantasy betting competitions.
  13. rocky dennis

    rocky dennis New Member

    are there any real money casino games for apple watch? some slots would be nice.
  14. Sebastian

    Sebastian Administrator Staff Member

    There are a couple of Apple Watch slots app you can download from the iOS App Store. If you want to gamble for real-money you can make an in-app purchase of coins.
  15. Isn't the screen size of the iwatch too small? Gambling experience will not be fun if your gonna play in a small screen. I would rather gamble at a an iphone 4s screen than the iwatch screen.
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  16. Ana

    Ana Member

    Honestly, the exact point i have. How easy it is going to be gambling with your wearable gadget. With such a small screen and little room to move around. I think would be quite complicated and a big hassle.
  17. Ebersole

    Ebersole New Member

    I caould bear to gamble on those tiny screens.
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  18. VFDDanfoss

    VFDDanfoss New Member

    Yes. Even if I buy another car, Im keeping this one cause theres nothing else like it at the moment and no indication that there ever will be.

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