Bet365 launch poker app for iPhone, iPad and Android phones and tablets.

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  1. Sebastian

    Sebastian Administrator Staff Member

    A recent report revealed that Bet365 bookmaker app was the most used iPhone betting apps in the UK. Bet365 have a reputation for developing top quality mobile software, so we were more than a little excited to hear they've released a real money Texas Hold'em app for both iPhone and Android devices.
    • The new app will be web based so you don't need to download anything from either the iTunes App Store or Google Play
    • Players will be drawn from the same player pool as the main site, so you are guaranteed to find plenty of action 24/7
    • The app supports both regular poker and Speed fast fold poker formats
    • Sit and Go and Multi Table Tournaments are not available at launch but will be added in the very near future.

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  2. sims76

    sims76 Member

    Nice to see a new poker apps that not just a new skin over an old app. Does anyone know what the time frame is for adding Sit & Go and Multi Table Tournaments?
  3. Sebastian

    Sebastian Administrator Staff Member

    We've been told that tournaments will be added before the end of this year. It should also be noted that you can now also claim a $5 instant no deposit bonus in addition to the $1,000 welcome bonus when you register at Bet365. These type of no risk bonuses are a great way to try new poker apps for free.
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  4. Sebastian

    Sebastian Administrator Staff Member

  5. Jack65

    Jack65 New Member

    I'm planning a month long holiday this summer around the UK, Spain and Italy and I was wondering if the Bet365 poker app will still work abroad? Can I play in any country where I can pick up a GPRS connection or is mobile gambling blocked by some network providers?
  6. Sebastian

    Sebastian Administrator Staff Member

    Yes of course it will work providing you have data roaming or you are in a WiFi zone. Only native apps that you download from the App Store need to use GPS location verification before they will activate. You would play the the Bet365 poker app in Saudi Arabia if you like.
  7. Sebastian

    Sebastian Administrator Staff Member

    The first version of the Bet365 poker app could only be played from the browser of an iPhone or iPad. It also wasn't fully compatible with Android phones. Bet365 have rectified these problems by releasing two native poker app that can be installed on any iOS or Android handset. The Bet365 iPhone native poker app can be found here in the iTunes App Store. If you are using a Samsung Galaxy, Google Nexus or any type of Android device, you can install the native apk install file from the Bet365 website providing you have enabled Non Google Play apps in your phones setting.

    If you've searched for Bet365 poker in the App Store and you can't find it then the native poker app may not be available in your country. In this case you can still play using the Bet365 poker web application that can be accessed from your Safari browser.
  8. Jack65

    Jack65 New Member

    tempted to buy the new microsoft lumia 530. has anyone had any success getting the bet365 mobile poker site to work on a windows phone device?
  9. Sebastian

    Sebastian Administrator Staff Member

  10. Jack65

    Jack65 New Member

    It's about time Bet365 added poker tournaments to their iPhone app. PartyPoker and 888 were offering tournaments a couple of years ago. Multi-tabling at Bet365 does work great on the iPad.
  11. timmy

    timmy New Member

    easily my favorite mobile poker room now. when you sign-up originally you get to play at "beginners only" poker tables where the competition is pretty soft, which is great because it takes the pressure off while you get used to the controls.
  12. Cahill

    Cahill Member

    I love the new bet365 poker app. The software looks and works great on my iphone 6s. There's plenty of soft competition at the tables too.
  13. rocky dennis

    rocky dennis New Member

    are mobile players segregated or are they part of the main player pool?
  14. Sebastian

    Sebastian Administrator Staff Member

    Both mobile and online players are part of the same player pool.
  15. Jake

    Jake Member

    can i play bet365 poker in the USA?
  16. Sebastian

    Sebastian Administrator Staff Member

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