New DK Live data app for NFL statistics and news

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    If you are a fan of fantasy sports betting and you want to get detailed live data on every NFL game then DraftKings have launched a brand new standalone app called "DK Live". DK Live is available on iOS and Android and provides a one-stop-shop for all your fantasy betting needs. Here's a quick rundown of the app...
    • Cutomize and filter the app so you only receive data on the NFL players in your lineup.
    • Track plays from live games in real-time, including turnovers, touchdowns and and 20+ yard gains.
    • You can track play by play live scores of individual games or DraftKings specific scoring.
    • Get notifications on your phone of the latest player news and updates about injuries.
    • There's also a ton of NFL analysis and content to help you with your betting picks.
    NFL fans can download the DK Live app from the App Store on iTunes from
  2. Is this the DraftKings app you are talking about...


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