Paddy Power to launch Facebook sports betting app in the United Kingdom

Discussion in 'Mobile Sports Betting' started by Sebastian, Jul 17, 2013.

  1. Sebastian

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    Paddy Power have always been ahead of game when it comes to new technology. They were one of the first bookmakers to have their app listed in the iTunes App Store, they offer a groundbreaking sports detection app, they also lead the way by developing the first Windows Phone bookmaker app, and now they look set to become the first sportsbook to harness the power of social media by releasing a Paddy Power app on Facebook in the coming weeks. The Irish Independent are reporting that....
    • The new Facebook app will be call "Paddy Power In-Play"
    • It will be trialled initially in the United Kingdom as a desktop app this summer (2013)
    • Mobile versions of the app for iPhone and Android are also currently in development.
    • There is currently no plans to make the app available outside the United Kingdom during the beta testing phase.

    Many online sports betting, poker and casino companies will be keeping a close eye on the Irish betting giants efforts to see if they can capitalise on the popularity of the social network.


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  2. mr bobby

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    So what will be the benefit of this over using their website or app? I'm guessing you'll be able to create betting leagues against your friends and share tips more easily?
  3. rocky dennis

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    Maybe the app will also feature play money betting to get people hooked. If someone how does not normally bet starts social betting via Paddy Power Facebook and they win a few bets, they might be seriously inclined to actually lodge some money and wager for the first time.

    In my office people tend to check their Facebook page 20+ times a day so it will give Paddy Power plenty of opportunity to remind their users of upcoming horse racing or sports betting opportunities.
  4. Sebastian

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    Here is the official page of the PP Facebook In-Play bet app.

    To summarise what it does....
    • While the success of Facebook was built largely on the popularity of social gaming apps like Farmville and Zynga Poker, this is the first time that a real money gambling app have become available on the social network.
    • The app is being launched and tested in the United Kingdom first before it is rolled out across Europe and the world.
    • You can create leaderboards that will allow you to track your other friends bets, chat about betting tips, place bets and see who's on a winning streak.
    • If you're new to gambling, the app gives you the opportunity to follow expert bettors who are winning money and taking the bookies to the cleaners.
    • The app is called In-Play so obviously you can get a live feed of how various games are going. You can also see how your friends bets are performing and choose to either copy their bets or issue betting challenges of your own.
    • When you chat, share, copy and bet, you will receive awards which can be unlocked at a later date to use as free bets.

    These are just a few of the features that stood out for us but overall it looks like a pretty exciting development. Hopefully it will work and we'll see some other bookmakers get in on the action.
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  6. Sebastian

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    I think it's safe to assume that the PP Facebook app will eventually be available in a wide range of countries but it will be interesting to see which ones. For instance, Apple only permit the Paddy-Power betting app to be listed in the iTunes App Store in the United Kingdom and Ireland. Every time you launch their native app your iPhone or iPad will first use a combination of cellular (phone network towers), GPS (satellites) and WiFi to verify you are in the UK/Ireland before it will launch. Is is why we recommend you use the web app instead since it can be used in any country and it looks and works in exactly the same way.

    Hopefully Facebook will not be as restrictive as Apple and allow their Paddy Power Facebook app to be available globally.
  7. cevans

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    PaddyPower have changed the name of their Facebook app to PaddyPower Social now. You still need to have a UK facebook account to use it though.
  8. The Kid

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  9. sims76

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    paddy power facebook betting is no longer available, which is a shame. i loved seeing what my friends were betting on and i think it was a lot of fun. hopefully another bookmaker will develop a facebook gambing app soon.
  10. Sebastian

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  11. Ger Regan

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    do paddy power accept bitcoin or any cryptocurrency yet?

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