The best Bitcoin sports betting apps for iOS and Android

Discussion in 'Mobile Sports Betting' started by Sebastian, Jun 1, 2015.

  1. Sebastian

    Sebastian Administrator Staff Member

    With the Super Bowl right around the corner we thought it would be a good time to write a full review of the CloudBet bitcoin sportsbook. They have the highest betting limits for BTC gambling on the NFL. You can wager in excess of 100 BTC on many big games.
  2. Sebastian

    Sebastian Administrator Staff Member

    5Dimes and The Greek sportsbooks have recently added support for bitcoin.
  3. Ana

    Ana Member

    I need to bet on motogp, where to go?
  4. Fan Boy

    Fan Boy Member

    Nitorgen Sports isn't as good as it used to be in my opinion. They've gotten slower at grading events and good luck if you want to wager in-play on anything other than the NFL.
  5. Ger Regan

    Ger Regan New Member

    I think Nitrogen Sports were a victim of their own success. They simply weren't able to hire staff quickly enough to deal with the extra demand, which meant that for a few months things like grading suffered. My experience over the past few months is that most events are graded within an hour now.

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