Virtual Reality gambling apps to generate half billion dollars in wagers

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  1. Sebastian

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    The world of mobile gambling moves fast. We were just getting used to having a bookmaker and casino on our phones when augmented reality apps like 888sports Free Bet Hunt arrived. How it appears that Virtual Reality gambling apps for VR machines like Oculus Rift and HTC Vive could be the latest craze. If you have one of these headsets you can now enter Virtual Reality casino where you can take a seat at a poker or blackjack table and wager for real money.

    This year the VR gambling market is worth just under $60 million dollars but it is expected to be worth over half a billion dollars by 2021 according to the latest research from Juniper.
  2. Virtual Realities market is still too low for mobile gambling. Even mobile games still has a low acceptance in VR. Mobile gaming is just starting to take shape and not all casino offer a mobile casino game.
  3. The Blues

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    Gambling is already too addictive for many people. Adding VR gambling is just fuel to the fire and will cause huge problems.
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  4. Ana

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    You are right to very extent, i would agree with you on that.
  5. Ana

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    As more and more advancements are coming up, you never know where is it going to take the addiction level.
  6. Music

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    But with such success it is possible to say about many things that they are badly affecting. For example, the Internet. Every day more and more cruelty and negativity.

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